Tank-Eye closed systems

Make your inland barge future-proof

Tank-Eye is revolutionizing the game for the (petro)chemical industry with its closed systems. Closed measuring and sampling is safer and more accurate, eliminating contamination risks and leading to better results, while also meeting upcoming stricter rules and regulations.


Helps to lower emissions

By eliminating the emission of harmful and dangerous substances, Tank-Eye closed systems benefit the environment and create a safer and healthier work environment for the ship’s crew, liquid cargo surveyors and terminal operators.

Quick to use and fully compliant

Our world evolves into a greener, emission-free earth. Obligatory closed inspections are part of this transition and the maritime industry will soon need to comply with stricter rules and regulations.

Tank-eye’s innovative vapour lock valve installation is a complete legislation-proof and certified solution for all inland tanker barges. We help you quickly prepare for the future, already creating a healthier and safer (working) environment today.

Discover more about our two fast installation methods.

Tank-Eye Vapour Lock Valve

How to get your barge

ready for closed inspections in 8 hours or less

Tank head installation

The possibilities after installation

on a tank head

  • You can use the Tank-Eye Vapour Lock installation as reference point.
  • Measuring of innage, ullage, temperature and free water
  • Dipping (OBQ/ROB/check on emptiness)
  • Multi-level sampling (first foot, absolute bottom, running, upper, middle and lower)
  • Gas measurement (Oxygen, Nitrogen, LEL, UEL etc.)
  • Additive injection
  • Nitrogen blanketing per cargo tank

How installation works

  • During new build, before class certification (every 5 year)
  • Installation takes 1 day
  • Barge must be gas free established by Gas doctor (due to welding)
  • Installation at ship wharf
Butterwash hatch installation

The possibilities after installation

on a butterwash hatch

  • Measuring temperature
  • Multi-level sampling (first foot, absolute bottom, running, upper, middle and lower)
  • Gas measurement (Oxygen, Nitrogen, LEL, UEL etc.)
  • Additive injection
  • Nitrogen blanketing per cargo tank

How installation works

  • Between voyages or any other moment when your barge is empty, established gas free by shipper
  • Installation takes <8 hrs
  • Installation at any jetty
  • Before class certification, we can change the butterwash installation into a tank head installation


Tank-Eye closed systems

Having a closed system has a couple of essential advantages for barges and the wellbeing of your ship crew. Find out what this can do for your company.

Safe | Environment-friendly

Working safely and securely is crucial in the maritime industry. Tank-Eye closed systems lowers emissions. No more harmful and dangerous substances nor emissions are exposed to human beings and the environment. The vapour lock valve is fully compliant and certified.

Fast installation

The installation of Tank-Eye closed systems is fast. For a tank head installation, we only need 1 day and we install while your ship is on a wharf or being built. For a butterwash hatch installation, we can do the installation in <8 hours. Also, for the butterwash hatch, no wharf is needed. Our fast service reduces waiting time for your inland barge.


As rules and regulations are getting stricter, open sampling is no longer allowed in the near future. Some terminals already reject open sampling. Being prepared with Tank-Eye closed systems brings many advantages and lowers your emission footprint.

Closed sampling

Tank-Eye closed systems allows you to take representative and multi-level samples.

Inspection | Easy fit

Various standardised gas-tight measuring equipment such as closed samplers, measuring tapes, thermometers, dipping instruments (OBQ/ROB), and gas meters will fit on the vapour lock valve. It also provides the option to inject additives.

Less waste

There is less flushing material compared to other closed sampling systems.


We operate in the ARA region. 

Incentive Provider for Green Award Barges

We can offer you a 10% discount on our innovative Tank-Eye vapour lock valves when you have a Green Award Certificate for your inland tanker. In addition, you can also earn points on the new additional Green Award requirements.

Why Tank-Eye

closed systems

Our mission is to create a healthier and safer work situation for ship crews, liquid cargo surveyors, and terminal operators. Next to that, we contribute to an emission-free world.


With our innovative system embedded in our product, open sampling, risky situations, exposure to harmful substances, and emissions to human beings and the environment belong to the past.


Closed and representative sampling eliminates contamination risks, which impacts the business positively and leading to better results.


If you want more information regarding our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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