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And another one! VARO Energy invested in their second time charter, ‘MTS South Carolina’, by installing the closed systems from Tank-Eye B.V.


Again a strong message that safety is on top of VARO Energy’s agenda, creating a healthier environment at the same time. No more harmful emissions from pressurized cargo tanks before and during certain inspections is what the industry needs! Also, the inspections become more valuable again.


This time it was a home game as Tank-Eye B.V. picked up the butterwash hatches at the shipyard in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, installed the closed systems, pressure tested each installation and returned them all within 4 hours.


A big THANK YOU for the assignment and cooperation between VARO EnergyBFT Tanker LogisticsWijgaart Shipping BV and Tank-Eye B.V.

Safety is one of VARO Energy’s top priorities. During their search to create an even more, safer & healthier work environment on board, eliminate emissions and improve the sampling process at the same time, they have found a solution!


VARO Energy invested in one of their time charters, ‘MTS Manhattan’, by installing the Tank-Eye closed systems on the butterwash hatches. The system will help VARO Energy to achieve its challenges and goals.


Once MTS Manhattan reported gas-free after a ATM visit; Tank-Eye B.V. picked up the butterwash hatches, installed the closed systems, pressure tested each installation and returned them all within 3 hours.


A fantastic and smooth cooperation between VARO EnergyUniBarge B.V.DARI and Tank-Eye B.V.

What a great deal just before the end of the year!

Bosman Shipping Group has ordered ‘Tank-Eye closed systems’ for 7 inland tankers (new-build and existing), which will be installed in 2023.

This is a very strong message that they want to change their fleet for once and for all. A safer work environment for personnel & stakeholders and less emissions into the environment where key to start this change. But the system offers much more; representative closed multi-level sampling, closed manual measurements, closed emptiness inspections, closed gas measurements and closed additive injections.

The Bosman Shipping Group fleet will be ready for the future when it is completely forbidden to open cargo tanks.

Many thanks for this assignment and we’re looking forward to a long-term cooperation. 

Today we delivered an important package at BREKO Shipbuilding & Repair / PSI Piping for new build barge MTS Bolero.

The package consisted of new Tank-Eye Vapor Lock Valves and all the stainless steel parts that are needed for the fully closed sampling & measuring system. BREKO Shipbuilding & Repair / PSI Piping takes over from here and controls the full installation on the tank-heads.

When operational, the cargo tanks of MTS Bolero can remain closed and under pressure during all closed inspections.

We (Tank-Eye B.V.) are thankful for the assignment and wish the shippers many safe journey’s!

UniBarge B.V. is keeping us busy! During some maintenance on MTS Boston at Scheepswerf Gebroeders Kooiman B.V., we took our chance and installed Tank-Eye closed systems on the butterwash hatches within 1 day. Thanks to the cooperation with the shipper it was a smooth operation. The hatches were delivered on the jetty and from there they were lifted on board by crane.

MTS Boston helps creating a safer, healthier work situation for all stakeholders involved and reducing emission as she’s ready for CLOSED: multi level sampling / dipping (check on emptiness) / temperatures / gas measurements / additive injection. Just before next class certification the vapor lock valves will easily move to the tank-head where they also function as new reference point. This also enables closed manual ullage measurements! Cargo tanks can remain closed, while all inspections are possible.

What a great assignment at Asto Shipyard! Two new build ships, MTS Sophia and MTS Osiris, have installed Tank-Eye closed systems on the tank head. It is centrally placed as new reference point. Both ships are fully future proof and ready for safe, closed and zero emission inspections: closed dipping (OBQ/ROB)- closed measuring – closed temperatures – closed free water measuring – closed any level sampling – closed gas measurements – closed additive injections. Ship crew, surveyors and terminal operators are no more exposed to dangerous gasses.

Tank-Eye B.V. wishes them many safe inland water miles! Also interested what it can do for you? Do not hesitate and contact us.

Another respectable barge was installed with Tank-Eye closed systems.

MTS Jowi has now 18 new butterwash hatches, which are fit for CLOSED sampling / dipping (OBQ & ROB) / temperatures / gas measurements / additive injection. Especially dipping the cargo tanks before loading or after discharge Fuel Oil is an essential part of a quantity survey. 

Many thanks to UniBarge B.V. for this great assignment and helping the inland tanker industry to a safer and lower emitting environment.

It was the perfect sunny weekend to put inland shipping in the spotlight during the “Dag van de Binnenvaart” held on Saturday, 12 November in various areas in the Netherlands. Also the Maritime Week took place last week, focusing on sharing knowledge about developments and innovations within the maritime sector. 


One of the important topics for both this week and for inland shipping is sustainability. Stricter rules and sustainable development goals are also affecting the inland shipping industry. That is why we created Tank-Eye closed systems, which enables closed, but representative multi-level sampling and more inspections for inland tankers in a sustainable manner.


Learn how we can help you. Contact us via or call +31 (0)10 322 51 50.

Some photos of MTS Montreal that is part of the modern fleet of UniBarge B.V.. MTS Montreal is one of the first barges on which we have installed the Tank-Eye closed systems.


This beautiful barge is the very FIRST, which is now ready for all possible closed inspections in a safe and sustainable manner. TankTech B.V. calibrated the new reference points, allowing official ullage measurements. 


Tank-Eye operates in the ARA region. How can we help to prepare your inland barge for closed representative sampling and measurements? Email or call +31 (0)10 322 51 50.

Tank-Eye B.V. wil go on 100% #HVO 💪

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Meet Deef Claeys, co-founder and owner of Tank-Eye. With many years of experience in the shipping and oil industries and his knowledge of inspection, he is fully equipped to make Tank-Eye a huge success.


Deef: “Together with my associate Frank Kerstens, I am fully committed to making inspections for inland barges and shore tanks safe, easy, and more sustainable. We help our customers to prepare and meet the upcoming legislation and sustainability requirements. Tank-Eye Closed Systems benefit not only the barge crew but also surveyors, terminal operators, shipowners, ILT inspectors, charterers, oil owners, and traders.”


Deef Claeys has worked at well-known companies such as Shell Trading Rotterdam BV, Mabanaft Rotterdam BV, Bureau Veritas, and Intertek Caleb Brett. He was, among others, Account Manager, Gasoline Blender, Commercial TradingBarge and Cargo Operator, Middle Distillate Blender, Procurement Manager Third-party Storage Europe and Africa, and Trade Manager ARA.

Sustainability day is a day to stop and think about the importance of our environment and how to reduce (CO2) emissions. Rules and legislation for the maritime industry are changing to make the industry a more environment-friendly sector. The challenge for the industry is how you can lower your emission footprint. 

At Tank-Eye, we have developed a solution for inland barges that helps you quickly lower your emission footprint and comply with upcoming stricter rules regarding sustainability. Our closed system prevents exposing your crew or the environment to harmful and dangerous substances and emissions. With Tank-Eye closed systems, your inland barge is future-proof and ready for the changing rules on open sampling. All we need is 1 day!

bpTank-Eye B.V. and UniBarge B.V. successfully trialed closed sampling on barges by retrospectively fitted vapor locks. This project enables a healthier, safer & more environmentally friendly way of working. The system allows to obtain representative samples and to perform inspections under closed conditions.

8 easy steps to make your barge ready in just 1 day for: 


► Closed representative multi-level sampling (1st foot, dead bottom, running, spot and U-M-L)

► Closed dipping (OBQ/ROB/Free water)

► Closed temperatures

► Closed gas measuring (e.g., Oxygen, H2S, UEL, LEL)

► Closed additive injection


Read our roadmap to learn how to prepare for a safer/healthier work environment, sustainability goals and stricter regulations. 

A new ambitious part of the career of Frank Kerstens has begun. 

As of October, he is in charge of Tank-Eye, a start-up company focusing on innovative products and services for the inland shipping industry and onshore/offshore tanks, future-proof, high-quality, and sustainable at the same time. Frank will focus on sales and product development, leading Tank-Eye to a successful future. 

Frank: “I am very proud to follow my dreams and create products that contribute to a sustainable environment and a safe and healthy working environment for people.


“Our innovative closed systems product is ahead of government rules and legislation. We help companies prepare for the upcoming stricter regulations that prohibit open sampling. Our service turns an inland tanker barge within 1 day into a lower-emitting, safer, and healthier workplace.


“The Tank-Eye portfolio starts with the closed system for inland shipping, closed sampling and dipping products, and adaptors for gas meter equipment but will enlarge through time. With the upcoming changes in all aspects of the economy and climate, we are well prepared to help our customers meet any upcoming sustainability requirements.” 

We proudly announce the start of our company Tank-Eye B.V. AND our innovative product Tank-Eye closed systems. Our vapor lock valve installation is a complete legislation-proof and certified solution for all inland barges, getting you ready for stricter rules and regulations.   

Our mission is to create a safer & healthier work environment for ship crew, terminal operators, and surveyors. The system is fully closed, gas-tight, and suitable for all existing surveyor equipment, which means harmful and hazardous emissions no longer end up in the atmosphere.  

Within 1 day, we turn your inland tanker barge into a lower-emitting and more efficient mode of transport. 


Do you want more information about Tank-Eye? Send us an email and we will contact you shortly.

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